About Spoonful of Positivity

☼ Spoonful of Positivity is a website of a simple Indian girl trying to spread the power of daily positive thinking in the world of Travel, Fitness, Anime, Japanese Manga, Cosplay, Fashion and Music ~

I hope you enjoy and find something enriching here. Join me in creating a positive world for you as well. Pull up a chair, have some coffee and relax while you grab your ‘Spoonful of Positivity’ ☼

About me

Hello everyone and Thank you for visiting my page. I am Rachita Saha. Since 2010, I have worked as a Creative professional with international companies like Super Sugoii, General Mills, USA., Bascos (Japan) and MaidoIndia (Japan). This experience has helped me gain immense exposure towards Brand Solution Management as well as Creative Management for brands from multiple regions like Japan, USA, Canada, China, UAE, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and India.

With a Degree in Applied Arts (Computer Graphics) and certified knowledge in a range of Digital Media platforms, I help provide creative solutions for brands large and small on Brand Strategies and Campaigns, help generate new client leads along with maintaining high-profile Client relationships and manage the overall creative process for various stakeholders.

When I am not designing, I love to play my Sitar (Indian Classical Musical Instrument), spread awareness about Health & Fitness, Travel the world, Cosplay and keep my website updated.

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