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10 random happy movies to feel positive about

  Everybody has that one movie they love to escape from reality. The Team Positivity has compiled their own top 10 list of 'happy-movies" that you should binge on this weekend.   Begin AgainSometimes all it takes to be happy is a little faith. Faith in your abilities and people’s talent. Begin Again is a

Social Media to resolve misunderstandings. Yay? or Nay?

Social Media is amazing. It is one of the biggest tools to connect with almost everybody in our generation without the worry of distance or communication cost. Many of us make the best of friends on social media. There are groups of people with common interest who meet digitally and then start hanging out in

Lets talk about Depression

The feeling of blah, loneliness, sadness is something everybody experiences once in a while. People who experience such momentary blues, can continue to lead a normal life especially if the circumstances change for the better. They don't live with a sense of devastating loneliness and weakness for a major part of their life. For people