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Tokyo – The pulse of Japan

Tokyo – The Capital hub, the pulse of Japan. Tokyo, my mecha superhero!  I am glad I could enjoy home-stay for a couple of days in the amazing city of Tokyo thanks to my friend Izumi Hiroko and and her kind husband Satoshi Hatae. Lucky for me, the first day of my stay, there was

Shojin Ryori ~ The Must Eat Vegetarian Japanese Cuisine

Shojin Ryori is a meal that literally makes you experience zen. A traditional vegetarian cuisine that follows the philosophy of Buddhist Monks in Japan; Shojin means ‘The path to enlightenment’. The concept of this meal is based on the principles of simplicity and harmony. Each dishes are prepared with a wonderful balance of five different flavors and

Perfect packing list for your Travel to Japan

One might say, a country so rich in culture and aesthetics, there will hardly be a time to pack a perfect suitcase bound for Japan. But Japan is as popular for it’s wonderfully trendy people as it is for it’s other aspects. Places like Harajuku Market in Tokyo is where you will actually get to

4 things every Indian loves about Holi!

One of the biggest festivals of colour in the world, Holi (Rang Panchami ) is known for it’s entertainment and joyful spirit. During the celebration, in a span of a few hours, every corner, buildings, roadside in India gets seeped in Colors. The best thing about this festival is that it lasts only for a day.

Travel : Matsuri Festival

With almost into middle of the year 2017, my thoughts took a fleeting detour through some of my past travel experiences. I’ve made some some truly extraordinary memories from my backpacking trip to Japan. This country has a charm that is seen in it’s culture, architecture and cuisine. Through few of the festivals that I