The feeling of blah, loneliness, sadness is something everybody experiences once in a while. People who experience such momentary blues, can continue to lead a normal life especially if the circumstances change for the better. They don’t live with a sense of devastating loneliness and weakness for a major part of their life. For people dealing with such emotions, the feeling of negativity lingers and becomes unbearable. Major Depression is a common yet severe medical disorder that effects the mind and body. Depression is currently the greatest cause of psychological disability and ill health world wide.

While the origins of Major depression are not entirely recognised, there are numerous factors that can cause a person to suffer from depression. A depressed person cannot simply snap out of it. To feel better, they usually always require appropriate treatment. Thankfully, medical science is improving and today there are doctors who are specifically trained to help the ones in need. Team Spoonful of Positivity has reached out to experts to help understand and explain the symptoms of depression better.

According to Clinical Counselling Psychologist Saloni Singh Vora; who regularly conducts awareness workshops around this topic in corporate offices and schools, one should be evaluated by a professional if:

  • You feel sad for long periods of time
  • You feel guilty for no reason, feel like you are useless or have lost your confidence
  • Life seems meaningless or as if nothing good will ever happen again
  • You do not feel like doing many of the things you used to enjoy
  • You want to be left alone most of the time
  • You seem forgetful; it is hard to concentrate
  • You often feel irritated
  • Your sleep pattern changes
  • Your eating pattern changes
  • You think about death, or feel as if you are dying, or have thoughts about suicide

If you, or any of your friend is going through a similar experience, do not hesitate to seek help. You can even reach out to Mrs. Vora at who can help provide online counselling services to the ones in need. When you feel lonely, remember that you have support. Things are not bad from all angles, eventually there is hope.