Men and women rejoice! One of the easily available wardrobe add-ons; A White Teeshirt that every man or a woman owns, a tee shirt that can make any occasion look classy, and can create infinite number of outfit ideas is back in trend!

A staple for every wardrobe, becomes a challenge in the Indian weather. Jokes are often made on how one needs to keep their white teeshirts stored in their wardrobe and take them out only for international travel. Not anymore!

We have explored some outfit ideas that will not just let you have your cake but eat it too! Go ahead Pick a combination that allows you to put your most fashionable foot forward.

A white sweater. Teaming it up with light blue denims will give out a relaxing winter aura.

Teaming it up with a shirt and trousers. Can you just imagine the endless number of possibilities here?

A beautiful white dress with a cardigan of any color for a perfect coffee date.

White top and denims. Enough said.

Hmm…white shirt and an off-white sweater? Why not?


With all of these limitless number of outfit ideas that one can experiment with, white teeshirt is back in my wardrobe and here to stay!