One of the biggest festivals of colour in the world, Holi (Rang Panchami ) is known for it’s entertainment and joyful spirit. During the celebration, in a span of a few hours, every corner, buildings, roadside in India gets seeped in Colors. The best thing about this festival is that it lasts only for a day. Here is a small list of the things we love the most about this festival.

Holi Eve

An evening before Rang Panchami, Holi eve is usually celebrated by burning wooden logs similar to a large bonfire. According to the ancient Indian Mythology, this symbolises the victory of good and the end of evil. Men, women and kids from all across take circles and pray around the fire, ending the evening by exchanging sweets and gulal (colors) with one another.

Rang Panchami (Holi)

The celebrations usually start early morning when friends and families getting together and coating colourful Gulal and spraying coloured water on one another. A day where friends cluster together dancing their heart out and playing fun filled games.


The ONLY day when Indian wild hemp is available legally and freely at every local Pan-wala (betel leaf seller) stores! Usually consumed in a liquid beverage called thandai, or by adding it as an ingredient in a sweet beetle leaf wrap, the festival is incomplete without the adults indulging in a glass or two of Bhang thandai. This drink provides a different buzz than alcohol, many find it similar to effects of consuming marijuana. Be careful though, overdosing on it will mean spending an extremely groggy evening ahead. It sometimes takes more than a day to recover from the sleepy after-effects of the otherwise much needed oblivion drug.

Amitabh Bachchan

Need we elaborate? Ever since we were kids, every Indian kids grew up listening and grooving to songs like “Rang Barse” or “Holi ke din” from Amitabh Bachchan movies. Today, Holi celebration is incomplete without the local DJs playing the songs and the dance moves of his movies!

If you are a traveller interested in visiting India during Holi, or If you are interested in celebrating Holi anywhere outside India, all you need is an Indian heart, some colours, a pre-booked venue and fun loving friends to celebrate this festival with.

Happy Holi everyone!