Tokyo – The Capital hub, the pulse of Japan.

Tokyo, my mecha superhero!  I am glad I could enjoy home-stay for a couple of days in the amazing city of Tokyo thanks to my friend Izumi Hiroko and and her kind husband Satoshi Hatae. Lucky for me, the first day of my stay, there was a “Matsuri” Festival going on in the neighborhood. I donned a traditional Japanese Yukata, complete with the Sandals, hand fan and the purse.

The energy around this festival was something that had taken me totally by surprise! Such traditional festivals in a city like Tokyo displays a wonderful fusion of a ceremonial and a progressive world.

One can witness how during the everyday hustle to earn a living, the natives of this metropolis get to stop and breathe at places with a sudden traditional milieu. (Imagine a Shrine in the middle of a busy street decorated with Sakura Tree! Sigh!)

Tokyo is everything one would envision a Capital City of Japan to be, and much more. The city ensures that everybody who is staying in their metropolis can sustain themselves effortlessly. Right from Bento Boxes at their Train Stations, which you could buy at affordable rates, to beautiful second hand clothes shops, Tokyo is lesser expensive than the cities of USA or Europe.

With the boon of Home Stay websites, do not forget to research on an economical trip to this city to make the best out of your stay.