Goa, A paradise within India. Nothing can beat the amazing feeling of peace and serenity one experiences while they visit Goa. No wonder it is considered to be one of the best Holiday destinations in India. What is SO special about Goa? After all there are so many beaches in India.

Let’s list the top 5 reasons why Goa should be added to your Travel Wish list.

  1. Perfect destination to visit with your gang of gals. If you wish to feel like a goddess at one place in India, Goa is the place gals. If you are single, then brilliant. If you are married, ditch your hubby for a few days and plan a trip to this City with your gang of gals. Right from the Pubs to Restaurants, Places in Goa are ready to pamper you if you are a bunch of girls. With special offers on drinks while you bar hop, to discounted rates at restaurants, nothing makes a woman feel special than a little bit of pampering. Plan a trip quick!
  2. A honeymoon destination: Whether you are on a tight budget or not. Goa is our very own Desi Mauritius. You can plan an entire vacation package with your partner at half the cost and experience the magical pristine beaches of this costal area.
  3. Choose your location in Goa depending on the tone of your vacation: North is a place to be for parties, bar hopping and plain old buzz and merriment, so good with a gang of friends. South Goa on the other hand is the place to visit if you are seeking solace and peace with your family.

So what are you waiting for? It is always better to plan your trip in advance rather than last minute to save a lot of money. Go ahead and have a blast this summer!