When your husband celebrates his 30th Birthday, it has to be a grand affair. But how does a wife plan this special day for him? What should she gift him? Where should she buy these items from? I was plagued by similar thoughts when I decided that I wanted to make my husband’s birthday undeniably special. To add to the challenge, I had multiple travel plans due to work. But my mind was set; I wanted to Gift him 30 presents on his 30th birthday (on a restrictive budget. :|;)

Easier said than done. What could these 30 items be? All of them had to have some utility or the other, some special meaning to him, or it might end up being a waste of space and money.

So I started creating a list. A wife knows her husband better than anybody else in the world. I started paying attention to his every teensy routine, his habits, his lifestyle. Even the smallest of item or things that made him go ‘Oh, we are running out of this!’ or, ‘I need to buy a new bottle of this’ Sometimes things so trivial, that it gets long forgotten immediately after.

I also sought his friends and my family’s support. Because why not?

Thus I started my mission with a budget of less than 10,000 INR. Honestly, I am quite pleased with myself. What started off as a silly thought actually saw the light of the day!

While doing all of these, the one grateful thought I had was ‘Amazon Jai Hoh!’ I have listed down a few items that I purchased for him, mostly from Amazon. In the era of Online Shopping, all you need is an action plan, a supportive family (to hide the presents) and a list! Voila! You can make your spouse’s special day even more special, all the while not losing out on your daily work routine or running here and there trying to buy items to add on to your list. The 30 items are listed below.



(P.S:  Prashanth’s birthday was on June 1st and he told me that this was the best birthday for him, ever! Especially since apparently I got him everything that he could think of. Exactly what a wife wishes to hear) I hope these ideas are good thought-starters for all of you.
Now you can go ahead and plan a special day not just for your spouse but maybe also for your parents, siblings, friends and loved ones. Happy Planning!