Congratulations Momma! This is it! The moment of rediscovery; the journey of a lifetime that suddenly transforms you from being somebody else’s daughter to being a mother yourself. A moment where you conceive a life of your own. You have got this! If planned well, this journey can be as smooth as possible!

Throughout my pregnancy, there were a selected few items that I swore by. Since Pregnancy is an expensive phase, the chances of indulging on unwanted items and going overboard is high! Below I have listed down my personal TOP 5 FAVOURITE Items that was a part of my pregnancy journey.

I would recommend these to all the pregnant ladies out there, and also the ones who are just about planning on embracing motherhood.

Top 5 Pregnancy Must Haves

Pregnancy Notes by Rujuta Diwekar

I read this book a year before my husband and I decided to plan for a baby. This book is highly recommended for all and has been specifically designed keeping the Indian women in mind. The personalised experiences highlighted in this book, the exercise plan, along with the domestically sourced Nutritional diet is all worth it! Read it with time, just for the knowledge. It helped me a lot.

NatureMade Prenatal Multi + DHA Supplements

A must have Multi-vitamin for healthy skin, hair and to balance your overall daily dietary requirement which sometimes becomes difficult to meet due to restrictions in our individual diet preferences.

Kama Muscle Tone Firming Treatment Oil

Our tummy will stretch! The best we can do is give it the love and intense moisturising that it deserves. The Kama oil comes with a thick consistency with really good moisturising ability. The only one complaint I had was that it might leave your clothes with a bit of a yellow stain. Apart from this, you can always use regular Olive Oil.

Fabeya Biocare Natural Science of Skincare

I cant stress the importance of moisturising your belly. This Coffee Scrub is one of the best Body Scrubs that I have come across. Just one Jar is enough to last you for months. After the end of your shower/bath, try scrubbing yourself from head to toe with this Body Scrub for an amazingly nourished after effects.

The Mom’s Co. ~ Natural Body Butter

Finally, a body butter with a consistency and smell that soothes you during your worst phase of pregnancy. I purchased this product after quite a bit of research and it was a cosmetic item that I did not regret buying.

So there you have it! My Top 5 Pregnancy Must-haves. Keep it simple. Keep it normal. Pregnancy is a journey that every woman is instinctively prepared for. Do not waste your hard earned money on things you do not need. More on the New Momma-series coming soon!