One might say, a country so rich in culture and aesthetics, there will hardly be a time to pack a perfect suitcase bound for Japan. But Japan is as popular for it’s wonderfully trendy people as it is for it’s other aspects. Places like Harajuku Market in Tokyo is where you will actually get to meet the trendiest of the crowd.

Yes, I really love Japan and packing for it brought a certain delight in the entire experience. However, every season and geographic locations is different within Japan and I hope Japan greenhorns can in turn pack better with this list.

I have included pieces that can be worn year round, with some addition and subtraction for different times of the year. While Japan is diverse, cities like Tokyo are more culturally experimental than cities like Kyoto which are well known for their traditional heart.

Depending on where you will be in Japan and what you will be doing, some of these items can be customised. If you are travelling around Nagoya in August, the heat will be overwhelming and calls for free flowing and breathable fabric and footwear like espadrilles. If you are stationed in Tokyo during this time, the weather can get unpredictable sometimes and therefore a light jacket can act as your redeemer apart from an umbrella which should ideally be carried around everywhere.

However, no matter whatever you pack for your trip, make sure to have enough space to carry your shopping bags back with you, because Shopping in Japan is a crazy experience altogether. Look forward to a Japan Friendly Shopping List Article on this page next!